The Newly Updated Maxxair Fanmate Vent Cover

maxxair fanmate vent cover

It’s pretty hard today to find an RV that doesn’t have a vent cover installed on the roof, and in most cases it’s a Maxxair vent cover.  Each year we are always curious to see what new products Maxxair will bring to the table, and this year it has updated the Maxxair Fanmate Vent Cover.   The old Fanmate was all the rage with its introduction over 10 years ago, having the ability to be used with the hugely popular Fantastic Vent Fan.  Actually, I have three of those on my current RV and they have served us well.

So what has changed with the new Maxxair Fanmate Vent Cover?  Let’s take a closer look.

The first thing you will notice is that the Fanmate was put on a diet, with 7-1/2″ knocked out of the length and it’s 2″ narrower.  This version of the Fanmate focuses on improving aerodynamics and limiting airflow restriction.  With a less than 5% airflow restriction, your MaxxFan or Fantastic powered vent will pump as much air as they are designed to, with almost no limitation from the Fanmate.  They accomplished this with the redesigned back section of the cover, which now features angled louvers on the slightly slanted rear panel, keeping any wind-driven rain from entering, but allowing more air to exit.

A new installation system is the next big update the Maxxair Fanmate Vent Cover has undergone. So if your RV has one of the newer MaxxFan ventilators installed with the molded, waterproof mounting tabs, the Fanmate simply fits over-top and clips to those tabs with no tools required.  This is a really nice feature, not only for the fact that it will be harder to climb up on the roof of your RV than it will be to install the vent cover, but also for yearly cleaning in and around the vent and powered fan if so equipped.  For those of you that do not have the Maxxfan, never fear, the Fanmate does include brackets that install to the side of the vent, and you can then use those ‘EZclips’, as they are calling them.

The Fanmate is available in white, black, and translucent smoke colors.  As an option, a bug screen is available to keep out any bugs that might make it through those exhaust louvers.  We’re thinking this would be most handy if you use your powered vent fan to pull air into the RV, with the screen putting up a barrier, not allowing bugs to get sucked into the vent cover.

So let’s review:

  • SUPERIOR rain protection
  • LESS than 5% airflow restriction
  • OPTIONAL bug screen (sold separately)
  • FULL ACCESS to the fan and optional bug screen courtesy of the EZClip
  • AVAILABLE in White, Black or Smoke
  • Six-Year Limited Warranty

We think Maxxair has made some really nice improvements to the Maxxair Fanmate Vent Cover that RV’ers are really going to benefit from.  For more information on this product, click the link below.  Also, find below a great video overview of the Fanmate, as well as installation to the new MaxxFan or to standard vents using the supplied brackets.

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