Why You Need a Seelevel II Tank Monitor System for your RV

Seelevel II tank monitor system

There is no denying that the tank sensor system provided in most RV’s is at best dysfunctional and at worst infuriating. You get a few months, maybe even a season of proper operation before the bad readings begin. How sensors installed into a waste tank that need to be clean and clear to operate properly were thought to be a good idea is beyond me.  Thankfully, theres an option that really works.  The Seelevel II tank monitor system from Garnet Technologies takes care of this problem by using external sensors that give more precise readings. Their versatility allows them to be used in motorhomes, travel trailers, and 5th wheels, with 10 versions to monitor different tank configurations, battery voltage levels as well as pump and water heater switches if needed.

The installation process is made easy with the ability to use the existing monitoring systems wiring.  This makes it simple to upgrade and further customize the tank monitoring system. Additional monitors can easily be added to the system, so you can have one inside your RV and one in the sewer bay. Separate sensor boards are available in 3 different sizes (16″, 12″ and 6″) to best fit the size of your tanks. The system also makes it easy to retrofit a Seelevel II into an older RV.

The basic Seelevel II Tank Monitor System consists of the display, sensor boards, and the connector assembly. The sensor boards have an adhesive backing, for easy attachment to the outside of the tank. They can accommodate tank heights ranging from 5″ to 25″, depending on the size and how many are used. For example, the 6″ 710JS is perfect for tanks with smaller heights, while two 12″ sensor boards are stacked one on top of the other to fit taller 24″ tanks. As an added convenience, the sensor board can be cut to fit Seelevel II Tank Monitor Systemnearly any range of heights in-between.

The sensor boards for Seelevel II tank monitor system cannot be used on metal tanks, or around other metal surfaces. It’s best to have at least an inch of clearance between the sensor board and any other type of metal. It’s also best to stick the sensor board about an inch above the bottom of the tank. What we have found is if the sensor is not going to cover the entire height of a tank, position the fresh water sensor lower on the tank to show when it will be empty.  Position it higher on the grey and black water tanks to better indicate when they will be full.

The display for the Seelevel II tank monitor system is easy to use and even easier to understand.  A touch button display reveals accurate percent of full/empty for each tank. The SeeLeveL has a combination of features, accuracy, reliability, and diagnostic capabilities that a tank monitoring system in a modern RV requires.  In addition, the system can display the operating characteristics of each of the tank sending units, giving it unsurpassed diagnostic capability.

If your tired of the inaccurate readings your current tank monitoring system is delivering its timed to step up to a Seelevel II tank monitor system.

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