Advantages/Disadvantages Between Kwikee and MORryde RV Sliding Cargo Trays

RV sliding cargo trays

When it comes to storage in an RV, space is at a premium.  For this reason RV manufacturers have increased outside cargo storage areas to keep everything you may need for your camping adventures, from chairs, grills and tools to anything else you can think of. These storage areas are pretty deep, and all the stuff you put in them can easily get pushed to the back, making you have to dig or sometimes climb on your hands and knees to find what you are looking for.  So how do you solve this issue?  With the addition of RV sliding cargo trays, which installs in the cargo area and allows you to slide everything out to you. This will also keep your things nice and organized while you are driving down the road.

Trying to choose which RV cargo tray is the best for you all comes down to measurements. Once you know what size you need or want then you just have to decide, do you want to go with a Kwikee cargo slide, giving you the ability to customize the width or a MORryde cargo tray that comes completely assembled and ready to install.  To help you narrow down the selection we will review the advantages and disadvantages to choosing either of these two RV sliding cargo trays.

  • Kwikee RV Sliding Cargo Trays
    • Advantages:  Since Kwikee trays are sold un-assembled and without the floor material they can cost less or be less expensive to ship.  Think of these just like a drawer glide in your home or RV, but obviously much more heavy duty.  You simply select the length of the Kwikee glides based on your storage bay depth and the weight rating based on what you will store in the tray.  The width is determined by the width of the bay door (less 3″) and the plywood material you cut for the floor of the tray.  Another great feature is you get to choose the flooring, which you could use carpet, rubber, vinyl or whatever you want. Also you can choose between the Super Slide I, which has a weight capacity of 1000 lbs. or the Super Slide II that has an 800 lbs.capacity. These work the best for RVs that have oddly sized storage compartments, especially when you want a tray that is going to fit just right in the area.
    • Disadvantages: If your storage bay is wide you will need to buy a trim kit to keep the floor from sagging and these can get pricey.  Going this route will require that you have the tools, additional materials and ability to assemble a tray for your requirements.
  • MORryde MORstor RV Sliding Cargo Trays
    • Advantages: These storage trays come fully assembled and ready to be installed, because fasteners may differ depending on application, the hardware is not included. The MORryde trays also require only a small amount of time to install into the storage area. When installing there is no measuring or cutting required. They are extremely well built, come fully carpeted, have a locking lever to lock tray in place and will easily last the life of the RV. They also have other tray options designed specifically for batteries, LP tanks,  and freezers.
    • Disadvantages: They are only available in certain sizes, so they could waste some storage space if they are smaller than needed.  With these being very well built and very heavy duty they can be more expensive than the Kwikee trays.

Sliding RV cargo trays are one of the top RV accessories designed to organize those chaotic and messy storage compartments. To see all of the Kwikee and MORryde sliding cargo tray options visit us today at to find the exact size and weight capacity you need for your storage areas.

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