Top 10 RV Accessories in 2015

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With the 2015 RV season almost a wrap, it’s time to look back on the RV Accessories that made the biggest impact on this year’s camping fun.  So let’s count down the most popular RV Accessories:

#10. Eternabond RSW-4-50 RoofSeal White 4″ X 50′ Leak Repair Tape‎ – Eternabond is changing the way RV’ers not only repair leaks but also prevent them.  The only thing holding this product back from displacing lap sealant is people’s preconceived ideas on tape (tape and water don’t mix).  While Eternabond is in a tape form, it is only to make it easier to apply.   The bonding agent would be a nightmare to deal with in any other form (this stuff really sticks to everything!), and the white backer acts as a UV protectant from the sun’s harsh rays.  Each year more and more people realize how amazing Eternabond really is and how long it maintains its seal (up to 20 years), which makes it one of those RV Accessories you can’t live without and allowed it to make this years countdown at #10.


#9. Blue Ox BX7420 Avail Towbar 10,000 Lb. Capacity – This is an all new tow bar for Blue Ox this year and it has been an immediate hit with RV’ers who tow larger vehicles behind their motorhome.  The big update is the 2″ longer towing arms which move vehicles back from the motorhome when they have a very wide tab distance on the baseplate.  Blue Ox also updated the arm locking mechanism which ensures an easy release even when the tow bar is bound up.  Couple this with a 10,000 lb rating and this is the perfect tow bar for larger SUV’s and pickup trucks.


#8. Flow-Rite RV-2000 Pro-Fill RV Battery Watering System For 6V Batteries – Deep cycle RV batteries are expensive and improper maintenance is a quick way to lighten the pocket book.  The crazy thing is, all you need to do is add the proper amount of water, keeping the lead acid plates covered.  Well mark me down as an RV’er who has failed to do that easy maintenance step, that was until I added the Flow-Rite system.  With this battery watering system installed, a once a month refill ensures that your batteries are never over or under-filled.  That will keep those hard earned dollars in your pocket and not in a set of replacement batteries.

Have 12 volt batteries?  There is a kit for you as well –> Battery Watering Systems


#7. TST 507TPMSFT6 6 Flow Through Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Tire safety is huge no matter what vehicle you’re in or have to tow, and TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) are playing a key roll in improving RV safety on the roads.  The TST system not only monitors tire pressure, but also tire temperature.  This is an important advancement in these systems which allows a user to spot a potential problem before a blowout may occur.  This system is expandable up to 22 tire positions, which I am sure you will not need unless you’re driving an Australian Truck Train 🙂  Here is a link to additional sensors if required –> TST Tire Sensors


#6. Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM RV GPS – Rand McNally has continued to upgrade this GPS unit for the past 4 years, turning this into a great RV GPS.  From the thousands of campgrounds to the low bridge clearance information, this GPS was made for RV’ers.  I use this GPS in my own motorhome and love it!  You can read my thoughts on it in this article –>The Rand McNally 7730 RV GPS Goes The Extra Mile


#5. Barker 30844 42 Gallon Tote Along Portable Holding Tank – Who would have thought a tote tank would made a top 10 RV Accessories list? This one did.   With its beefy pneumatic tires, to its solid steel tow handle this portable holding tank is built to last.  At 42 gallons you will only need to make one trip to empty most grey water tanks.  If 42 gallons is a little too big, check out these equally well constructed smaller versions –> Barker Portable Tote Tanks


#4. LSL TLS-OEM Ultra Trik L Start 5 Amp Starting Battery Charger Maintainer – This little unit has been huge for many years and this year is no exception.  The problem: when you’re parked in one location for an extended period of time your motorhome batteries lose their charge. The solution: the Trik L Start ties into your house batteries, which are being charged, and keeps the engine batteries charged and ready to go.  Nothing to connect, nothing to turn on once installed.  This is just a great product providing the perfect solution and why it’s one of the very top RV Accessories.


#3. Progressive EMS-HW50C Hardwire 50 Amp RV Surge ProtectorProgressive EMS-HW30C Hardwire 30 Amp RV Surge Protector – With the dawn of the internet and RV related forums came the instant transfer of information between mass groups of RV’ers.  One of the biggest issues RV’ers discussed was how poor power had destroyed electronic & electrical components and the huge expense in repairs this caused .  This wasn’t something people just read, as time went on RV’ers experienced the issues themselves or by RV’ing friends.  This lead to an explosion in this category of RV accessories and the need for protection. The progressive EMS series of surge protectors are the best defense against all power issues and why this product has dominated the RV surge protection market and this top 10 list.  Like the idea of this unit, but don’t want to deal with the installation?  Checkout the portable version –> Progressive Portable EMS RV Surge Protectors


#2. On the Go Water Softener & RV-PRO 10,000 Water Softener – This was the year of the portable RV water softener with these 2 titans battling it out and coming in at a virtual tie at #2.  Both units work exactly the same with the only defining factor being the size of the housing.  RV’ers have grown tired of hard water damaging water pumps, causing a rusty mess in showers, and leaving hard water spots in sinks and on dishes.  It’s no wonder why RV water softeners have made such a big move up this years list.


#1.   Dirt Devil CV1500 RV Vacuum – It’s no wonder why this has made the top of the list the past 3 years running.  Its compact size and extreme power makes this upgrade a clean sweep.  This was a big year for the CV1500 RV vacuum, with the release of the Vroom RV, an innovative installation system allowing the CV1500 to be installed in some of the smallest out of the way places.  Just recently released is the Dirt Devil CV1500 without rug rat carpet cleaning tool which is more economical and perfect for the RV with solid surface flooring.  All of these great updates to an already amazing product makes this the #1 RV Accessory for 2015.

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