Flow-Rite RV Battery Watering System

rv battery watering system

If your new to RV’ing your knowledge of batteries may go as far as a dealing with a dead vehicle battery and the mention of the Flow-Rite RV battery watering system might conjure thoughts of batteries growing in some laboratory.  (well at least it does in mine)  Unlike that battery in your vehicle, RV batteries must receive periodic maintenance in the way of checking the water level.  RV’s use deep cycle batteries to run the living part of your trailer or motorhome.  Deep cycle batteries are designed to more deeply discharged and then recharged many more times than a maintenance free battery found in your truck, car or SUV.  But this repeated charging causes heat which in-turn evaporates the water inside those batteries.  But that is not the only thing deep cycle batteries produce, lead-acid batteries contain sulfuric acid, which is a highly corrosive and during the charging process will emit gasses that can explode if ignited.  So RV batteries are stored in ventilated areas in out of the way places and with that type of danger many times are forgotten all together.

Dealing with your RV batteries doesn’t have to be a death defying task and with the use of caution you can ensure safety while maintaining them.  When working with batteries, you need to make sure there is plenty of ventilation to dissipate any gases, remove jewelry that can cause a short and possible spark, wear safety glasses to keep acid from entering eyes and above all use extreme caution when connecting or disconnecting the battery leads.  One of the problems with manually watering batteries is the ease with which you can over fill a cell.  The water that floods over the battery and washes on metal will begin corroding it almost immediately. and if not neutralized with baking soda will continue to corrode that metal even if you rinse it or wipe it off.  This is another reason the Flow-Rite RV battery watering system is such a valuable tool in maintaining battery safety as well as the proper water level in each cell of that battery.

There are two systems available; the Qwik-Fill On-board RV Battery Watering System which works with group size 24 through 27 and most 29 through 31, 12-volt RV/marine deep cycle batteries. And the Pro-Fill On-Board RV Battery Watering System for 6-volt batteries.

After an easy, one time installation that takes only 15 – 20 minutes, you can fill all your batteries simultaneously from a single remote fill point without ever having to remove a single battery cap. You no longer have to touch or even see your batteries depending on their location with the Flow-Rite RV Battery Watering System.  The level in each cell is controlled independently, adding water only to cells that are low. It will not overfill and its precise accuracy would be almost impossible to match with conventional filling methods.  A Flow-Rite hand pump is required which can be used with either system as is easily attached to a system with a quick connect connector.

  • Fill multiple RV batteries in seconds from a single fill point
  • Kits to fit all standard 6V & 12V deep cycle lead acid batteries
  • Eliminates need to remove vent covers to fill
  • Automatically sends water to low cells only
  • Installs in minutes, with nothing more than a knife or scissors required
  • Safer and more accurate than conventional filling
  • Improves battery life and performance
  • Hard to reach batteries are as simple to fill as batteries on a workbench
  • Several batteries can be connected and filled at the same time
  • Automatic shut-off prevents over or under watering
  • Use with any distilled water container
  • Quick disconnect feature allows supply to be attached in a snap

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Flow-Rite RV Battery Watering System

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